About Us

About Camelot Campground

The campground was purchased by our local owners, Stan and his wife, over 25 years ago. Since then, we have committed ourselves to building a retreat that encompasses an endless variety of fun, relaxation, and entertainment for all. We want you to look back on your stay and feel an itch to visit again. We look forward to having you as our guest!

Talk with one of our friendly staff to learn more about your next great vacation. Call us today!
Camelot Campground

Choose a Vacation That Everyone Will Love

Young or old, family or friends, thrill-seekers or lounge lovers – we hope to have carved out a place where everyone is happy. From on-site provisions to local entertainment, there is something for everyone.
Camelot Campground

Your Comfort and Satisfaction Is Our #1 Priority

We will always take the right steps to make your stay enjoyable and memorable. Allow our NEW OWNERS to impress you with caring and genuine hospitality.

A Message From Ownership

"My husband and I are the new owners of Camelot Campground. Our goal is to create a wonderful camping experience for everyone."

-Tanya B.
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